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Thai people believe about the various elements associated with health.
We share elements by mouth
January ,February, March is Fire Element.
April, May, June is Wind Element.
July, August, September is Water Element.
October, November, December is Earth Element.

Last time , Do talked about foot massages by element. This issue that we focus on food, we would like to present you about eating according to your elements.

Darth is mostly the strong, dark and handsome type. Earth also has big bone structure so don’t worry to much about your weight. We hardly catch Earth getting sick. Earth is a kind person so he or she is beloved by others.
Fruit for Earth : Mangosteen ,yams , nuts ,bananas, pumpkins.
Snack for Earth: Anything which contains coconut milk.
Drinks for Earth : Sugar cane, coconut juice, soy milk, cantaloupe juice, orange juice, pumpkin juice, bael juice, etc.

Water has a slender body, healthy skin and beautiful hair. Water can also stand hunger, cold and heat quite well, but their movement is normally slow, sometimes making them seem a bit too lazy. Sexual efficiency is very good ( congrats , Water!)
Fruit for Water : Lemon , orange , tomato, star gooseberry, pineapple, olive, santol.
Snack for Water : All preserved fruits.
Drinks for Water : Lemonade, tamarind juice, roselle juice, star fruit juice.

Wind mostly has dry-skin, sexual inadequacy, is skinny and must be wary about the nervous system.
Wind is a talkative person so no doubt he or she is popular and stands out for the crowd. Wind is flexible and loves freedom so being forced to eat anything is 100% not the case with Wind.
Snack for Wind : Ginger, bean junket in hot ginger syrup,sweet potato in hot ginger syrup, Miang-kum or Leaf-Wrapped Bite-Sized Appetizer.
Snack for Wind : Pomelo, Mangoesteen.
Drinks for Wind: Ginger juice, lemongrass juice, clove juice

As is the nature of this element, Fire is quick at both thinking and doing. Fire can’t stand lazy movement.
They enjoy eating, but sadly Fire goes bald more quickly than other and also gets B.O. quickly. Surprisingly, the level of sexual efficiency is so-so!
Fruit for Fire: Watermelon, apple , jujube
Snack for Fire: Ice cream, ice with syrup
Drinks for Fire: Pandan juice, chrysanthemum tea , watermelon juice


Mu Koh Similan.

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To day i want to talk mu koh similan.
Mu koh Similan

The Similan Islands National Park is known for long white coral sand beaches, crystal blue waters, warm tropical nights and cooling breezes coming off the Andaman Sea. Nine Unihabited islands with some of the best scenery in Thailand.

The Similan Islands are very easy to visit. Located only 50 Kilometers from Khao Lak – The Similan Islands may be visited for one day, overnight or on tours. There are no resorts or stores on the Similans – only a couple of ranger stations and a few bungalows available for rent.

Home to the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand, The Similan Islands are home to a huge variety of marine life and incredible opportunities to see rare and endangered species. Often referred to as one of the best dive spots in the world – you will probably agree after visiting. While the underwater world may attract some people – there are also many varieties of birds and animals on the Similan islands. And of course – the long beaches!

Destinations to thailand.

Most people around the world come to travel in thailand .
and destinations i’m present to you.
The first one.I’m present.

South of thailand : Koh Samui.

Most peopel come this here. Koh Samui is the country’s third biggest island and lies in the Gulf of Thailand. It is surrounded by 60 other islands, mostly within the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Samui has a population of about 50,000 people and the island’s popularity makes certain parts a busy place to be but it still has some quiet, secluded beaches.

From the 1980’s onward, tourism has gradually eclipsed the coconut industry as the island’s biggest source of revenue. Unlike Phuket, Samui’s major and busiest beaches are on its east coast with the island’s main port Nathon, on its west coast, facing nearby mainland and Surat Thani.

You ever come to Koh Samui ?

Oh ,i’m  forgot talk about somting to you .

You can go Koh Phangan is have Full Moon Party .

Next time  i’m talk the story Koh Phangan .