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Destinations to thailand.

Most people around the world come to travel in thailand .
and destinations i’m present to you.
The first one.I’m present.

South of thailand : Koh Samui.

Most peopel come this here. Koh Samui is the country’s third biggest island and lies in the Gulf of Thailand. It is surrounded by 60 other islands, mostly within the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Samui has a population of about 50,000 people and the island’s popularity makes certain parts a busy place to be but it still has some quiet, secluded beaches.

From the 1980’s onward, tourism has gradually eclipsed the coconut industry as the island’s biggest source of revenue. Unlike Phuket, Samui’s major and busiest beaches are on its east coast with the island’s main port Nathon, on its west coast, facing nearby mainland and Surat Thani.

You ever come to Koh Samui ?

Oh ,i’m  forgot talk about somting to you .

You can go Koh Phangan is have Full Moon Party .

Next time  i’m talk the story Koh Phangan .



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